Polaroid Gigante 50x60

Opening: 07.05.2013, 18:00

Gallery A1, ul. Kanonicza 1
TUE–SUN 11:00–19:00 | CLOSED 30.05

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Polaroid Gigante 50x60 is an exhibition of large-format photographs taken with one of the world's five giant Polaroid cameras, which develop negatives at 50 x 60 cm size. The birth of the Polaroid camera in the mid-1940s meant a revolution in the technology of developing photos, as well as a change in the conception of contemporary photography. At the exhibition we will be able to see a series of the works of ten globally renowned Spanish artists: Chema Madoz, Ouka Leele, Toni Catany, Juan Manuel Castro, Manuel Vilariño, Mónica Lleó, Roberto Chicharro, Manuel Falces, Ricardo Martín i Josep Vicent Monzó. Each of them had the opportunity to work with this unique camera. The photos they present show a whole range of expressions, from realistic photography to abstract images and collages. The photos come from the archives of the Andalusian Centre of Photography.