Joanna Chudy – Obrazy emocji

Opening: 18.05.2013, 17:00

Artefactory, ul. Stradomska 16
MON–SAT 11.00–18.00

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The Pictures of Emotions is a kind of photographic glossary which presents human feelings, weaknesses and imperfections. The protagonist of the series struggles with sleepiness, boredom, absence or loss of his own consciousness and identity. This is a subjective history that reveals a small piece of reality, which does not give a timeless and objective image. This personal theme, taken from Roland Barthes, designates a course of narrative in which the narrator identifies with the protagonist of the show.

The titular picture of emotions is a complex issue. It concerns not only the question of the presented emotions and their classification, but also the problem of capturing something that doesn't exist, peculiarities not only from a photographic angle, but also in the wider angle of our culture. Anomy, which can be defined as an illness, stopping us from feeling joy and satisfaction, is therefore one of the main afflictions of the modern person. Perhaps it is the last trace of the universality of the human condition?

The image of the "sensitive person" is a picture without emotions, one of a person for whom only corporality remains, and the body's weight seems so large and acute that it forces the figure to give in to its pressure. The prone bodies of women no longer express any emotions. Any emotion cannot occur, since the framing or objects in the frame make this impossible. The Picture of Emotion concerns the figure of a young woman. It would seem that youth and the energy that goes with it strongly contrast with the state of anomy. This contrast gives a clear picture of the person and his/her romantic whims.