Opening: 24.05.2013, 19:00

BAL, ul. Ślusarska 9
Pn: 8:30–21:00, wt–pt: 8:30–22:00, sob: 9:00–22:00, nd: 9:00–21:00

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Instant fashion photography through the eyes of world-renowned photographers. Although in Poland it is still awaiting its time, many photographers around the world are using it in their fashion shoots for leading magazines. The lightning speed, uniqueness and intensiveness of colours are the reasons why artists decide to use instant photography in their shoots. Impossible Project's renewed production of Polaroid materials and the Japanese company Fuji's new Instax cameras have again broadened the range of techniques from which photographers can choose.

Group exhibition:

Cristina Altieri (Italy) – her Polaroids have been printed in publications including The World Through Green Eyes Magazine, R-Mag and Enquire Magazine

Graham Dunn (USA) – fashion photographer, publishes in Foam Magazine, Cake Magazine, Ben Trovato, and Lovacat Magazine. Has also photographed for American Apparel

Adam Rinly (USA) – fashion photographer who publishes in Ben Trovato. Has photographed for See You Monday and Pynk Nylon.

Tobias Schult (Niemcy) – fashion photographer, one of few to use Polaroid 55

Kama Wu (Polska) – fashion photographer who has travelled half the world with her Polaroid